Sweet summertime is finally here and that means one thing..it is HOT outside! We don’t want our ovens running if we can avoid it, so the recipes I have coming for you are easily prepared stove top or not at all!

I wanted to start by expressing something that has been a huge hang-up for me in my time blogging, I find writing recipes extremely challenging because I rarely measure my ingredients, if ever. I know that when you are a beginner cook, at least was the case for me, you don’t want to be wrong. However, something I have learned in my journey of self taught cooking is that you ARE going to get it wrong sometimes! But there is always a way to fix it…well, USUALLY a way to fix it! The joy of cooking is figuring out what works for you and yours, because we all have different tastes! So, I am going to try a new, less stressful way for myself when it comes to sharing my recipes. I am challenging you to get into the kitchen and just use your senses to see what works for you. I will give some guidelines but nothing is written in stone!

I hope you enjoy this recipe and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!


2 cans chicken

Handful of halved black grapes

Handful of chopped green onion

A few spoonfuls of mayo or a couple squeezes if you have the squeeze bottle

A couple squeezes of yellow mustard

Salt and pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl, start by shredding the chicken. Squeeze or spoon the mayo and mustard in, salt and pepper to taste. I usually aim for equal parts mayo and mustard but since I don’t measure, and I am not completely sure, I know I have it right when the color is a very light shade of yellow. Once that is all mixed together add the grapes and onions. Let it chill in the fridge for about 2 hours before serving. Again, give it a good mix before tasting to make sure it is what you are looking for! I love the contrasting tastes of the grapes and green onion and will sometimes add more than a handful, you do what you like, though!

If you are carb conscious, it tastes devine on a lettuce wrap or solo. If you are not carb conscious, croissant bread is always a hit!

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Happy Eating!