Wow! Hi friends! If it feels like it has been forever since we last chatted, well that is because it has been! What a crazy time it is in the world. How are you feeling now? I know for the first couple of months of this pandemic I went through a pretty extreme depression and mourning. The pain I felt for my kids seemed unbearable at times, no matter how resilient they were/have been. Also the fear of the unknown can be daunting. So… What does that have to do anything with recipes?? All I know is,  I did not feel like getting out of bed, showering or cooking, nonetheless. Since  there was so much unknown in the beginning, we weren’t indulging in our weekly outings (or ordering out in this case) so it was all up to me to figure out what in the hell to eat for what seemed like everyday for the rest of our lives haha!

Now that it has been 4 months, I feel like I definitely have a better grip on how to navigate this unprecedented time in our lives. And since I have been crawling out of my sadness, I have found myself being eager to create again. I mean, I still use the air fryer nearly everyday, but only for one meal and not three!

So anyhow, I just wanted to pop back in and see how everyone is holding up and just give you a little hope that even if you are still in the pits, I am here for you! Be still in your sadness and this too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass!

Stay tuned for a couple of recipes I will be dropping here soon!